Estonian Language Online Course

Course times in 2024:

08.01 – 17.03.2024

01.04 – 09.06.2024

23.09 – 01.12.2024

(Please note that there might be minor changes in the course times)

More Information

Available Levels

  1. Beginners
  2. Lower intermediate
  3. Intermediate
  4. Advanced


  • Mall Pesti, Helve Ahi. E nagu Eesti A1-B1
  • Mall Pesti. K nagu Kihnu B2
  • Mall Pesti, Helve Ahi. L nagu lugemik


10-week sessions starting in January / March / June / September

Course Fee

160 euros (per session)


Mall Pesti


Communicative approach. Emphasis on oral and written communication, not on theoretical aspects of Estonian grammar.


  • Strong motivation
  • Good self-discipline
  • 4-5 hours of free time a week

Course components

  • Independent study with the textbook, audio and online materials.
  • Essay writing every other week.
  • Weekly 50-minute chats (writing in SKYPE) in the group of 3-4 students.
  • An individual phone class once a month.

Advantages of on-line learning

  • Easy and fun learning environment.
  • No need to drive to the classroom.
  • Contact from your office, home or airport.
  • Flexible times.
  • Study on your own pace.
  • You can wear pajamas in class.
  • Meet fans of Estonia from other countries.

Registration Procedure

The first stage involves submitting an application form and the second stage involves paying the fees. Please note that in order to participate in the course you need to register using this application form. After the second lesson, Tallinn Summer School will issue you an electronic invoice. The school accepts bank transfers and credit cards as the method of payment. If you have any questions, please send an email to:


Support and language practice:

FB group E nagu Eesti. Let’s learn Estonian (open to all students and teachers)

Textbook web sites: