Estonian Language Online Course

The language of instruction is English, and the next course starts on September 23rd, 2019 (10 weeks).

Tallinn Summer School and Mall Pesti offer a continuing on-line course lasting ten weeks.
The course is designed for people interested in furthering their Estonian language skills or who want to start studying Estonian for the very first time.

The course is based on the free interactive communication programme Skype /

The university offers beginners and intermediate levels for this language course.

One course costs 120 Euros for two and half months. After two and half months there is the option to continue the course for another two and half months at the next level.

Introduction by Mall Pesti:

1. This is a group course, not an individual one. We have four different levels.
2. Students study on their own using the textbook E nagu Eesti (beginners, intermediate) or K nagu Kihnu (advanced) and the CD. In general, it would be a half or a whole unit per week. There are also periodical review units.
3. The emphasise of the course is on oral and written communication, not on theoretical aspects of Estonian grammar. You will learn practical grammar by practicing conversational phrases.
4. Students memorize dialogues in the textbook, using the CD as a conversation partner. They study the main grammar topics and do exercises in the textbook.
5. In addition, there are on-line self-check exercises and tests, which enable you to practice as much as you like.
6. There is an essay writing assignment every other week.
7. Once a week we have a group chat in Skype based on the week’s topic. We‘ll find a fixed time which suits everybody. Beginning with the first chat Estonian is used 100%. You have to be well prepared, because you need to read, think and write simultaneously.
8. Skype saves the chats and it enables you to analyze and study them afterwards.
9. The final interview after each session is a phone conversation with the teacher.
10. We have a forum in the course blog to discuss your vocabulary and grammar questions, those are not discussed during chats.
11. You need at least 4-5 hours a week to study on your own.
12. For now, please install Skype, calculate your free time and prepare your spirit for this new adventure.

There are two stages in the registration procedure for the course.
The first stage involves submitting an application form and the second stage involves paying the fees.

Please note that in order to participate in the course you need to register using this application form.

After the first lesson, Tallinn Summer School will issue you an electronic invoice. The school accepts bank transfers and credit cards as the method of payment.

If you have any questions, please send an email to:

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Course times in 2019:


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