Payment Methods

There are two stages in the registration procedure. The first stage involves submitting an application form and the second stage involves paying the fees.

Please note that in order to pay for your course you need to register using the application form. After that you will receive an electronic invoice.

The following payment method is accepted:

Transfer to the Tallinn University bank account

In order to make a transfer you will need the following transfer details:

Beneficiary – Tallinn University


IBAN: EE332200221022933264

Bank: Swedbank / Liivalaia 8 / 10118 Tallinn / Estonia

Payment should be made in Euros and without charges to the beneficiary.

Requests for refunds must be received in writing before December 1. Tallinn Winter School will refund the course fee after deducting 25% plus bank fees. No refunds will be possible after December 1.

You can also use TranferWise for making the payment, the transfer fees are lower when the payment goes through them.