Starting from January 2011 the official currency of Estonia is EUR.

Expences list

1.   Course fee

2.   Accommodation

3.   Travel to Tallinn

4.   Visa and insurance

5.   Living expenses (student meals: prices range from 3 to 7 EUR)

6.   Public Transport

Travel to Tallinn

By Air

There are direct or connected flights to Tallinn from very many European cities. Tallinn airport terminal is only 4 km from the city centre and provides a wide variety of services.

From Tallinn Airport to Karu Street Hostel, the distance is approximately 7 km and costs a maximum of 7-10 EUR (using  “Tulika” takso). The taxi stop is in front of the Arrivals Hall.

From the airport you can  take Bus No. 2 to the city centre. Buses run every 20 minutes from 7.00 am until 12.00 midnight between the airport, the city centre and the sea-port, stopping  in front of the Arrivals Hall.

Bus No. 2 stops infront of the Ferry Terminal. This stop is the closest to the Tallinn University Dormitory and Hostel on Karu street and is within walking distance – takes aprox 15 minutes at a slow walk. If you are staying in Center Hotel, you can get of the bus in stop “A. Laikmaa” and either walk 10 minutes along Narva Street or take a tram no. 1 or 3 from stop “Hobujaama” and get off the next stop.

By Ferry

Ferries cross the Gulf of Finland between Tallinn and Helsinki several times a day. Late spring to late autumn is the season for hydrofoils and catamarans.

Ferries to Stockholm leave every other evening and the trip takes approximately 15 hours. Ferry terminals are located close to the  Old Town area.

From the seaport you can  take bus No. 2 to the city centre. Tallinn University is within walking distance from the city centre.

Ferry operators: Tallink, Eckerö Line, LindaLine Expess, Viking Line.

By Bus

International bus lines connect Tallinn to many European cities. For the latest information please contact the bus-operators Eurolines and Ecolines.

From the bus station you can take bus No. 17 or tram No. 4 or 2 to the city centre. Tallinn University is within walking distance of the city centre.

By Train

International railway lines connect Tallinn to Moscow in Russia. For the latest information please contact the operator GoRail.

From the railway station you can take tram No. 1 or 2 to the city centre. Tallinn University is within walking distance of the city centre.

Transport in Tallinn

You can find the public transportation timetables at soiduplaan.tallinn.ee.

Public transportation (buses, trolleybuses and trams) operates regularly from 05.00 to 24.00. The public transport is free of charge for the citizens of Tallinn. Everybody else needs to pay for their travels, but there are discounts for students.

Single ride tickets on paper can only be bought from the driver. The full price ticket costs 2 € and the discount ticket 1 € (you need to be able to prove your student status in Estonia or have an ISIC card from your home country). If you need to buy a ticket from the driver, enter at the front door; tickets are only sold at stops, not while the vehicle is moving.

Newsstands do not sell tickets on paper, instead Public Transport Cards are available. It is necessary to load money on your Public Transport Card in the newsstand, with your mobile or on internet (www.pilet.ee). With the Public Transport Card a 1-hour ticket costs 1,1 € and the discount 1-hour ticket 0,55 €. For using the discount tickets, you need to personalise your Public Transport Card to recognise your student status. This can be done for 1 € at the newsstand or for free at www.pilet.ee. In the newsstand you have to show your Estonian Student Card, ISIC card (from Estonia or your home country), or your student status confirmation issued by Tallinn University on paper. If your student status confirmation is only on paper, then at www.pilet.ee you need to tick the field “I am a passenger travelling on a discounted ticket and I can prove my right to the discount with a document evidencing this right”.

There are 1-day, 3-day, 5-day and 30-day tickets available, for 3 €, 5 €, 6 € and 23 € respectively, which can be used with the Public Transport Card. There is also a discount 30-day card for students. For using the discount 30-day card, you need to personalise your Public Transport Card for 1 € at the newsstand or for free at www.pilet.ee.

You can use the public transport for free, once you register your place of residence in Tallinn at the Population Register and receive your Estonian ID card. You need to personalise your Public Transport Card for 1 € at the newsstand or for free at www.pilet.ee (if you have personalised your card before and then become a citizen of Tallinn, then you need to personalise your card again).

If you are travelling with the Public Transport Card, you need to validate your card each time you enter the vehicle. The orange validators are located at each door and you need to place your card in front of the validator, which will either state your right to travel for free or charge the ticket money from your card. Passengers travelling without validating their Public Transport Card will be fined.

Additional information is available on www.tallinn.ee.

Taxis can be hailed on the streets or ordered by phone. The price depends on the taxi operator and needs to be displayed on the door of the taxi. The price is composed of a base fare (2-3 €) and a kilometre fare (0,4-0,9 €/km). Please ask about the fare before starting the journey. Also note that hailing a taxi or taking one that is parked at a taxi rank in front of a hotel or a tourist attraction can be more expensive. In order to save money we recommend you to call for a taxi by phone.

Reasonably priced taxi companies:
Krooni Takso: 1212, www.kroonitakso.ee
Sõbra Takso: 1714, www.sobratakso.ee
Reval Takso: 1207, www.reval-takso.ee
Marabu Takso: 6500 006; 5514 144, www.marabu.ee

More information about taxi companies and prices at www.taksod.net.